Formesa is a family company established in 1984, based in Halikko. We are specialised in form-pressing of furniture and interior components, machining and surface treatment.

Our customers are mainly furniture fitters for public spaces. We manufacture form-pressing mouldings for several Finnish brands, such as chairs backs, bowls and even shoes. Significant products include parts of auditoriums, as well as restaurant and office chairs, tables, tops and service desks. We also serve the boat and shipbuilding industry as a manufacturer of different seats and cabin components, as well as the field of interior design, preparing different interior design elements for private and public spaces.

We operate on 2,000 m2 premises in the Riikki private area in Halikko.

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Tel: 044 737 4772

Address: Vesalantie 524910 Halikko

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Business ID 0555801-1